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The German physicist of the eighteenth century Ernst Chladni had discovered that a metal plate vibrated by a bow allowed to highlight patterns, plate vibrations always rich in standing waves harmonics varying according to the modes of excitation and the points of fixation and damping.

The Swiss doctor and artist Hans Jenny (de) (1904-1972) coined the term cymatics ( Kimatik) in 19671, to designate his use of ancient devices visualization of sound waves and vibrations, such as Figures of Chladni and gas flames modulated by sound of Helmholtz, implemented with modern means of electronics. Follower of anthroposophy since high school and influenced by the ideas of Goethe on nature, he wanted to highlight the effects of vibrations sound.

As of 2002, the multimedia artist Alexander Lauterwasser (de) revitalized the process by vibrating water, lit to highlight in video the deformations of the surface.

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